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Hi! You have a wonderful website.
Jessie, January 07 2010

Just found your site and I LOVE it! I just bought Dior’s serpent pumps in red and I can’t wait to wear them! I almost feel as if it’s a crime to wear such beautiful art on my feet knowing there is potential damage ahead! I’m super careful when I wear my Dior Extreme Gladiator sandals, especially since they’re in python (which I was surprised to not see on your site, the python version that is). Love love love videos! I used to think my brother was crazy to be able to play video games and stare at a moving screen like that for so long, but now I’ve found my equivalent: your shoe videos!
Much Love!
Jessica, a Dior Addict!

Jessica, December 27 2009

Thank you so much for your time and effort.
Janet, December 16 2009

Thanks for your time and i love your site!
Lisa, December 07 2009

First and foremost, fabulous site!
Shenissel, November 24 2009

Thanks soooo much.
Carmen, November 24 2009

I am a huge fan of your site.
Have you ever considered doing a daily mail shot to subscribers of the best shoes of the day.
I think it would be an excellent way to raise the profile as the email you send can easily be forwarded on and you can put a link of where to join the mailing list on there as well.
Thanks for all the hard work, you make my day!

Roop Dogg, November 23 2009

thanks u so much for helping me find these shoes
Carol, November 20 2009

First let me say I am a shoe-a-holic! Your site is the absolute best for those of us with this addiction.
Julie, November 08 2009

Shoebunny, I love your site!
Deanna, November 04 2009

Thanks again and you bet I will spread the word about your site :)
Vanessa, November 02 2009

You are sooooo awesome!! I knew if anyone would know who made them, it would be you! Thank you for the quick response
Vanessa, November 02 2009

wow!!!! This is great. Thank you sooo much. I really appreciate it!!
Carmen, October 23 2009

Hi, love your blog! I’ve been searching for these boots with no luck. You are my last hope!!
Vanessa, October 22 2009

Thank you so much for your blog, so many amazing items!
Jennifer, October 22 2009

I’m SO GLAD you identified these shoes! I have loved these since they came out.
Angie, October 17 2009

You are the best! thank you!
Meghan, October 14 2009

You guys are my hero the absolute best thank you thank you thank you I looked for weeks trying to find those shoes. Thanks again!!!!!!
Jennifer, October 13 2009


Tony, September 10 2009

Hello! I love your site.
Susanna, September 10 2009

I ran across your fabulous fashion site today and thought that I would reach out to you.
Brennen, September 03 2009

I love your website, it is so helpful!!
Roxy, September 03 2009

I came across your blog the other day and was impressed with the overall quality of the site, the content and style.
Seb, September 03 2009

We love your site!
Ian, August 24 2009

I’m writing you because I think you have a great blog about shoe shopping
Jeff, August 21 2009

First of all I just wanted to let you know I love your website, and we need more sites online like yours.
CP, August 20 2009

I really love Shoebunny and the sense of style you’ve cultivated!
Sym, August 18 2009

Thank you so much. By the way, love the site! Shoes are so much more than footwear.
Lina, August 17 2009

I totally am like obsessed with your website and love love love love shoes!
Karen, August 16 2009

I’ll be sure to tell my friends about your site
Dorie, July 25 2009

Dear Shoebunny,
Thank you so much! I surfed for hours looking for those shoes without finding them. And your response was immediate! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I’ll be sure to tell my friends about your site,

Dorie, July 25 2009

Thanks for getting back to me.
Janet, July 19 2009

Firstly, love your site.
Janet, July 16 2009

Thank you so much for identyfing
verasce as the brand of shoes Renee
is wearing in the last scene of “New in Town”.

Wilhelmina, July 15 2009

THANK YOU SOOOO much Shoebunny! Now all I have to do is get my husband to buy them for me lol! You’re a Godsend! -Megan-
Megan, July 15 2009

Thanks a bunch
Karrah, July 15 2009

Fabulous detective work. Love these.
Wendy, July 11 2009

Ok Show Bunny! You rock!!!!! You have no idea how happy you have made this customer! I’ll let the world know about your diligence!
Kathleen, July 08 2009

Thanks so much for helping find a picture ref, it was driving me insane.
Nina, July 07 2009

Thank you very much for your time!
Amber, July 04 2009

Love your site
Veronica, July 03 2009

Thank you soooooooo much!!!! You were a great help!!!
Katharina, June 29 2009

Ever grateful!
Cynthia, June 15 2009

Your Awesomeness!
I just found your site yesterday and I am in love! Love at first site I tell ya!
Keep up the great work!

Darrin, June 13 2009

Hi Shoebunny,
Sorry for the delay…thanks so much!
Best regards,

Ella, May 22 2009

Love your site!

Joanne, May 22 2009

Hi ..thanks for your reply!
Yes you are right

Joanne, May 22 2009

Hi I ..glad I found your site! I was searching everywhere to find out what kind of shoes she was wearing..even sent an e-mail to the show but no reply yet!Joanne, May 20 2009
thanks so much!

Fadillah, May 22 2009

Since you are most definitely a shoe expert extraordinaire!
Kasia, May 21 2009

I love your site. Been a loyal follower for 2 years now.
Rezel, May 19 2009

So my women loves your site, references a lot, great job!
Ryan, May 19 2009

Thank you from a real shoe-aholic.
Danni, May 14 2009

Your site is Amazing!
Ella, May 14 2009

Dear Shoebunny!
YAY for your website!

Leslie, May 11 2009

I love this site
Kelly, May 07 2009

Just wanted to say that I love your blog! I just can’t get enough of it. You’re so good at ID-ing the most obscure shoes
keep up the fabulous work!

Aneesa, May 05 2009


Sally, April 30 2009

I love your website. It’s always a pleasure to see your newest posts.
Frederik, April 29 2009

please help you are my last hope
Sally, April 29 2009

I love your blog.
Berri, April 28 2009

First of all you guys are amazing! don’t ever stop doing what you guys do, keep up the good work!
Laura, April 28 2009

This is my new FAVORITE webiste. Like I don’t think you understand, FAVORITE website. This is just amazing. Thank you for your hardwork.
Hope, April 26 2009

Thanks for all of your help once again! = )
Jen, April 20 2009

omg…you are the best!!!! thank you sooooo much!
Aneta, April 06 2009

Thank you so much for knowing what shoes Kyra Sedgwick had on in the commercial. I went as far as to email the Arnell Group who is responsible for the marketing. I knew they looked familiar, Nine West has a knock off, but they aren’t nearly as fabulous!

Elizabeth, March 30 2009

Thanks for getting back to me on Kyra’s $ 895.00 MMM sandals, they are so sharp, unfortunately a bit prohibitive for me, thanks again for the “foot work” in finding them.
One can dream!!!

Johanna, March 30 2009

thank you so much for finding my dream shoe….
you are a shoe goddess
I had been searching for a while, then I some how thought of emailing you. Wow you helped me instantly!!!!
thank you so much
so helpful!!!!!!!

Francesca, March 20 2009

your the best when it comes to this
Francesca, March 19 2009

Congratulations for your site, it’s amazing!!!
Carmen, March 17 2009

I just posted my comment…THANK YOU SO MUCH!! = )
Thank you so much for helping me find these shoes! I just ordered them today from Neiman’s & I can’t wait till’ they arrive!
You are the BEST! = )

Jen, March 16 2009

I have been following your blog for a while, I love it! Im shoe obsessed!
Rachelle, March 16 2009

I love your website!
Thank you for your help & keep up the great work!

Jen, March 16 2009

I think your site is fantastic
Tim, March 11 2009

Jen, March 09 2009

I love your blog!
Caillianne, March 09 2009

Wow and thanks! It looks great!
Angeline, March 07 2009

Thanks so much for you response and your help. teresa
Teresa, March 06 2009

Just found your site and love it!
Gigi, March 04 2009

Hi, love your website!
Sonia, March 01 2009

hey i LOVE your site, it is amazing.
Robbie, February 18 2009

Michelle, February 26 2009

from love sally a girl after your own heart
Sally, February 25 2009

I follow your blog and you obviously know a lot about shoes.
Laura, February 25 2009

I’ve been enjoying your fun and fashionable blog for a long time
Frederik, February 25 2009

I just absolutely love your website!! I am crazy about shoes.
Jolie, February 22 2009

Thanks again for your help!
Thomas, February 17 2009

Fantastic !
The one i saw last year was exactly built the same way!
thanks a lot, it really helped !

Zaza, February 10 2009

Thanks for answering so fast.
god bless shoe lovers !

Zaza, February 9 2009

I am glad to here I am not the only one obsessed with shoes.
Marilyn, January 29 2009

Your site is great and has some beautiful pictures of the sexiest part of the female anatomy. Way to go Shoebunny (whoever you are).
Bobby, January 26 2009

thank you sooooo much
Sabrina, January 23 2009

well, i am a shoe addict, too. i love your website. i love shoes.
I must say, i love your website.

Angela, January 08 2009

OMG!!! YOU ROCK!!!! Thanks a million! I have been searching for these shoes for time immortal, lol! I wear size 7 (US). Thanks for keeping an eye out for me. I am also take your suggestion and check
on eBay. You’re the best!
Thanks a million!

Risha, January 07 2009

Thank you for all yor help.
Tash, January 06 2009

I need to let you know your site is wonderfull. Congratulations for your work.
Will, January 02 2009

I have recently come across your website and think the site looks fantastic.
Mithila, November 28 2008

Love the focus that you’ve taken with celeb shoes.
John, November 20 2008

Thank you so much
Laura, November 11 2008

I regularly pop into “Shoebunny” to check out what’s happening in Fashion.
Mike, November 01 2008

You are truly amazing!
Robyn, October 24 2008

Your site is really awesome! I love knowing exactly what shoes the celebs are wearing – you are really talented!
Thanks so much! You rock!

Robyn, October 23 2008

You guys are awesome!!!!
Nicola, October 19 2008

thanks! i got them today! god they are pricey! 850 bucks with tax in nyc but totally worth it!!! thanks again.
thanks so much for helping me find them, you are the best! (and yes all my friends know about shoebunny now!!

Nilsa, October 16 2008

you are my only hope!
Nilsa, October 14 2008

Hi there, love the site.
Roz, October 08 2008

Loved your post on the Matt Berson Gladiators!
Catherine, October 06 2008

Hi, love your site.
Patti, September 21 2008

I love your page and watch for new posts almost every day!you’ve done and been doing a wonderfull job!
Alesandra, September 21 2008

Thanks for such an informative site.
Sam, September 10 2008

Again, the blog looks great. Keep it up!
Josh, September 05 2008

I came across your blog a while back and I find it to be an awesome blog. I’ve been coming back to you blog for a while now and I find a lot of the things you write about to be quite inspirational. I just wanted to email you and give you some words of encouragement. Keep up the great blog.
Josh, September 05 2008

I love your website!
Sandy, August 29 2008

Love your site!
Jens, August 13 2008

Dear O Fabulous Shoebunny,
I love your site!

Kate, August 08 2008

I have admired your site and have been following it for some time.
Josh, July 26 2008

Very cool informative site
Brooke, July 25 2008

I’m a huge fan of ShoeBunny.
Allie, July 24 2008

Thanks for your help though, much appreciated.
Jacqueline, July 22 2008

Oh my god – you are brill………..
thank you so much shoe bunny

Heather, July 18 2008

Hi there – I love your site!
Elizabeth, July 15 2008

First of all, I just wanted to say that you’re doing an awsome job and you helped me find a lot of cool shoes.
Yoanna, July 11 2008

thank you for your time and help! love this site!
Monica, June 28 2008

Not logged on for ages, but what a very nice surprise to find your email.
Rosalind, June 27 2008

i realy like you web page
Asem, June 25 2008

Hi! I have come to you because you are the ultimate shoe identifier. Loveee the website!
Ali, June 16 2008

Hi, I love your site!
Brittani, May 28 2008

I absolutley love your site
Bella, May 20 2008

I know you’re an expert with shoes and I’d really appreciate your help.
Anthea, May 31 2008

I am sooooo happy there is a site that shows you the shoes you see on tv! I thought I was the only one that watched performers on TV and focused all my attentions to their feet! No one understands my shoe fetish….and they need to recognize….you can never have enough shoes!!! Thank you shoebunny!!!!
Natasha, April 30 2008

Thanks for the Givenchy tip! I pre-ordered them at Barneys.
Nevena, March 28 2008

I am a long time reader of your site
Roisin, March 27 2008

we LOVE ‘shoebunny’ and all that you do. it is truly wonderful to find so much shoe information, on one site.
Katleen, March 16 2008

I found my dream shoes on ur site.
Jen, February 28 2008

I love your site and have consulted with you in the past
Gigi, February 26 2008

I found your site today and think that you are doing an awesome job.
Matt, February 21 2008

Many thanks to Shoebunny for helping me identify what shoes my favorite celebs are wearing!
Thank you Shoebunny!

Laure, February 18 2008

you’re so kindly. Incredible!!!
many many thanks

Christine, February 14 2008

Great site.
Steve, February 12 2008

You are so inspirational and really manage to know the trends before they are known. You have such a treasure trove of ideas. Thank you so much with for sharing. Keep up the good work!
Keep up the good work!

Shawna, February 01 2008

Your website I visit daily, I have it a webclip on my iPhone
Gary, January 31 2008

I came across your site and really enjoy your take on shoes.
Alyssa, January 25 2008

Hey there.. i LOVE this site.. i think it’s the definitive site for everything SHOES!
Rohai, January 19 2008

I Love your site!!
Lexi, January 06 2008

I just came across your site today. I have had fun browsing; great job.
Brent, January 03 2008

I have discovered your site a few weeks ago and as a shoe maniac I do visit it a few times a week to check your postages.
Saskia, December 29 2007

I like very much your site and the designers you present.
A.H., December 20 2007

hi, first of all, i love your site!
Roxanne, December 17 2007

We love your blog and think its fabulous!
Eva, December 13 2007

i love your website!
Avril, December 13 2007

Thank you for helping me in this matter. Your thoughtfulness in helping me is greatly appreciated!
Linda, December 09 2007

wow, you are so awesome (and quick!)… thanks again!
Nhi, December 04 2007

Hello Shoebunny! Ever since I started my website back in April, I’ve been an admirer of your site.
Chuck, November 27 2007

hello, I only go to you when I cannot find anything else
Anna, November 22 2007

OMG!! why am I JUST finding this site?!?!
D, November 14 2007

Thanks Shoebunny!
I have found them in blue and orange, it was just love at first site for me with the gold! I will try calling the boutiques to track them down!
Thanks again for you help and keep up the great work!

Valerie, November 10 2007

Hi! I love coming to your site! I can always count on you to provide the name of the shoe and awesome close up pictures.
Valerie, November 09 2007

I am a huge fan of your blog Shoebunny
Nicole, November 07 2007

I just wanted you to know we featured your blog in our article “Top 100 Fashion Blogs”
Brian, November 06 2007

Thanks for your help I haven’t been off your site since.
Margaret, August 19 2007

I did a quick search online to find out what shoes Nicol Richie was wearing on the cover of “Star” magazine. I didn’t have any expectations thinking the topic was too obscure. But, on my first try I found your website and now know that she was wearing an awesome pair of Balenciaga sandals. Thanks for your help I haven’t been off your site since.
Margaret, August 19 2007

Thanks a lot. Appreciate it.
Nicole, October 16 2007

They are my dream shoes. I would be so glad if you could help me. Thank you!
Ezgi, October 17 2007

Thanks a lot. Appreciate it.
Nicole, October 16 2007

We love your avant-garde views on foot fashion
Noel, September 13 2007

Fab site!
many thanks

Sophie, October 16 2007

So thanks again!
Nicole, October 16 2007

Jessica, October 15 2007

you are best shoe wesite EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alexia, October 15 2007

Thank you for your reply.
Thank you very much,I’m very excited!

Rebecca, October 13 2007

Thank you
Jessica, October 12 2007

Love the web site and all the celeb shoe spotting posts.
Stockw, October 12 2007

I adore these shoes and would love them for my wedding next year, they would go prefectly with my dress!
Thank you!

Rebecca, October 11 2007

I just wanted to write to say a very very big thank you for your post on the Chloe shoes.
Best Wishes and keep up the great work on your amazing website.

Gem, October 08 2007

Thank you
Martha, October 07 2007

You really rock!
Thank you very much for this supa-fast answer! :D
Can’t get enough of shoebunny!
I wish you the best.

Lyssa, October 06 2007

Well i just came across your site about 20minutes ago and i’ve been wondering: “how come it is the first time i ever seen it?”. You do a great job and i desperately hope you would be able to help me!
May you know who designed those gorgeous shoes and mind telling me?? I hope you do and hope you’ll answer me too! (even if you don’t know just for me to stop dreaming about them)
So you are my last hope these are the shoes im talking about 1st on

Lyssa, October 05 2007

I was really worried that my email was totally inappropriate, but it is so nice to meet a fewllow shoe addict.
Thank you so much for your reply.
I really cannot express how thankful i am for your respone.
best wishes

Gem, October 02 2007

I knwo this is probably so wrong to ask and i hope my rudeness is just indicative of my obsession. Any help would be amazing but I can totally understand if you do not wish to.
I am seeking some Chloe shoes from the past S/S 07 season. I have tried every avenue possible to find these shoes and now find myself at a dead end. I was
wondering if you could help considering you have such a large readership whom share my obsesion with shoes.

Gem, September 30 2007

We would love to have your team act as our celebrity hosts for the event.
Maureen, September 09 2007

I’m hoping you guys can help. It’s a fashion cry for help.
Veronica, September 14 2007

Randa, September 15 2007

Otis, September 15 2007

Jennifer, September 20 2007

Thank you
Laura, September 24 2007

Nicole, September 25 2007

Marion, September 26 2007

I would love to send you out a sample.
Thanks for your time.

Michele, September 29 2007

hello…your page is so good
Daniella, September 04 2007

Joni, September 06 2007

Olwen, September 06 2007

We would love to have your team act as our
“celebrity” hosts for the event.

Maureen, September 09 2007

hello…your page is so good
Daniella, September 04 2007

I did a quick search online to find out what shoes Nicol Richie was wearing on the cover of “Star” magazine. I didn’t have any expectations thinking the topic was too obscure. But, on my first try I found your website and now know that she was wearing an awesome pair of Balenciaga sandals. Thanks for your help I haven’t been off your site since.
Margaret, August 19 2007

thanks so much!
Melissa, August 29 2007

so again- you guys are awsome!!!!
Carolyn, August 28 2007

hi shoebunny- thanks so much for all ur suggestions.
i trust yr advice and look forward to yr responce

Carolyn, August 14 2007

anyway keep up the great work
Laura, August 13 2007

thank-you so much for ur suggestions
u guys are a dream come true!!!
pls help- and i CAN”T WAIT FOR You to E!-mail back!! i feel like i hv a new best friend!
so greatful

Carolyn, August 12 2007

Many thanks
Debbie, August 23 2007

Thank you so much for your help
Have a great day,
Kind regards

Linda, August 23 2007

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I love your site so much it would be awesome to see my site written up on there. I would truly appreciate it.

Leah, August 22 2007

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Michelle, August 22 2007

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Virginie, August 21 2007

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Linny, August 18 2007

Shiren, August 18 2007

Thank you for your time, and keep up the wonderful job on the website! :)
Miro, August 17 2007

dear shoebunny- omg…u wrote back to me!!!!
love ya

Carolyn, August 12 2007

Lisa, August 02 2007

Katy, August 05 2007

Thanks so much for your assistance.
Brooke, August 11 2007

shoebunny- love what u do!!!
Carolyn, August 11 2007

many thanks
Kymberly, August 06 2007

Thank You
Jennifer, August 09 2007

Love your web site
Jennifer, August 09 2007

Yael, August 05 2007

Thanks so much!
Sandy, July 30 2007

Love ur website…anytime i want to find out what brand shoes celebrities are wearing, i find it here:)

Anastasia, August 01 2007

this site is great!
fantastic! thank you! You responded so quickly, i didn’t expect that. this site is great! i will be back again and will tell others.

Nadia, July 29 2007

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Myrna, July 29 2007

Thanks guys
Steve, July 28 2007

That’s so much for thinking of me.
Okay keep up the great work and have an amazing summer!!

Laura, July 28 2007

Dear Shoebunny,
Thank you very much for your quick response.
It helped a lot

Kathy, July 28 2007

YOur website makes me feel like i really don’t have a shoe problem at all and that others share my passion as well.
Kristy, July 29 2007

I know your the guru of shoes
Kristy, July 29 2007

Thank You
Edm, July 28 2007

I love your site!
Beth, July 17 2007

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Ta-ning, July 22 2007

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Steve, July 24 2007

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Also are you an avid shoe collector…..your knowledge amazes me
Continue the good work!

YK, July 16 2007

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Ashley, July 13 2007

hey shoebunny,
thanks for the recent 411 on mr. alaia….loved it!

Laura, July 12 2007

hi-just found your site and it’s great!
Chris, July 11 2007

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July 06 2007

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Laura, July 04 2007

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Thanks for the help.

Michaeal, June 27 2007

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Monica, June 29 2007

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Rebecca, June 14 2007

Any help that you can provide in locating these sandals would be greatly appreciated!
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Robyn, June 15 2007

Love your site
Rebecca, June 14 2007

I love you Shoebunny!
Rhonda, June 11 2007

Thanks for writing back!
Melissa, May 22 2007

My girlfriend desperately wants these high heel … can you tell me where to buy them so I can surprise her … this would mean a lot to the both of us.
Brian, May 03 2007

Many thanks for your help and assistance
Harvey, June 07 2007

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Natalia, May 24 2007

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April, May 02 2007

Thank you soo much for finding out about the shoes! I was so excited when I saw your email and even more excited when I clicked on the link to your page!! I was able to locate the shoes and can’t wait to try them on =)
Thanks again for all the help!

Lyna, April 30 2007

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Ms, April 30 2007

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Michelle, April 14 2007

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Gigi, March 23 2007

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Gigi, March 22 2007

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Kimberly, March 10 2007

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I’m going to go and get these shoes! My friends and I love your site. What would we do without you!

Payal, March 10 2007

Thank you so much for the followup!
Christina, March 10 2007

We just love your website
Bruce, January 27 2007

Love the name Shoebunny.
Indigo, January 29 2007

Very nice site. I like it.
Andy, January 29 2007

We are writing a story on gladiator sandals, and I wanted to find out where your imagery of Nicole Richie in Azzedine Alaia sandals is from. Wonderful blog
Allison, February 28 2007

Aha! Thank you for clearing that up.
Jonathan, February 27 2007

It’s a great site. Thanks a bunch for the info, Kristin
Kristin, March 01 2007

first of all….YOU ARE GREAT!!!

KAS, February 03 2007

Wow Shoebunny, I just wanted to say thank you for all the help that you have provided me.
I really do adpreciate everything you have done for me.

Drew, January 31 2007

I purchased many shoes thanks to your site
Anna, October 17 2006

I just found your blog. Really good site. I will earmark it.
B., October 16 2006

WOW good work..
Bina, October 09 2006

You were absolutely right, Shoebunny. I just ordered the Saks.com version that you recommended as an alternative at Shoebunny.com, and while Saks.com states that the heel is 4 inches, I just got it in the mail today and measured – it is barely 2 1/4 inches.
Rebecca, January 25 2007

I would love to send you samples and pictures of our shoes for you to review!
Lizzie, January 22 2007

You are awesome, Shoebunny! I will be sure to spread the word.
Rebecca, January 22 2007

Thanks for any help you can give me.
Rebecca, January 21 2007

I lov your site!!
Michelle, January 12 2007

You are truly amazing!…
can I donate to your site?

Anna, January 11 2007

The Bronx shoes you have listed for Gemma Ward- I love them.
Ash, January 03 2007

you are amazing. thankyou so much for taking the time to find the shoes for me.
hope you have a wonderful year and am looking forward to seeing what gems you post on your webstie in the coming year.
once again BIG THANKYOU

Claudia, January 01 2007

thankyou so much for your quick reply
i am a huge fan of your site. it has come in handy a numerous amounts of times.

Claudia, December 28 2006

I love what you’re doing.
D., December 14 2006

i must say you have a lovely site with lovely products
David, December 07 2006

Ive been a big fan of your site for a while. I would consider myself shoe-obsessed, but you guys are on a whole other level!!!
Sandy, December 04 2006

Man, you are gooood.
You are the most awesome people known to man (and woman)! I’ve been looking for these for months! I love. I love. I love.

Kim, December 02 2006

I love your blog! i love shoes!!
Suzae, December 01 2006

Thank you so much!!!
Wendy, November 30 2006

Well, I got the Chanel Shoes today and I LOVE them, if it were not for your site, I would not have known who to go to for them
Thank you so much

Anna, November 20 2006

WOW! Great job!
I still can’t believe you found them–so impressive…
You by far have the best web resource for spotting high heels, and I enjoy using your blog for shopping ideas.

Chris, November 12 2006

love your site…
Lauren, November 08 2006

You are great!
thank you

Anna, October 24 2006

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help.
Holly, October 23 2006

I love your site and was hoping I could get some help ID’ing a pair of boots worn by Lucy Liu
Lisa, September 06 2006

THANKS SO MUCH!!! You saved my day – nothing less!
Marie, September 05 2006

I’m amazed that you knew exactly the pair of shoes that I was talking about! Yes, those are the shoes. Thanks so much for the larger picture of them
Diana, September 02 2006

First I must say your website to out of this world! I love coming to see what shoes are new.
YOU ARE FABULOUS!!! Thank you so much

Susy, August 12 2006

I was able to get some beautiful shoes and outfits thanks to your site.
Anna, August 08 2006

Love your website, great reference for those yummy shoes celebs wear, especially when you’d like to buy them but just don’t know who made them!
Zsa, August 08 2006

Thanks so much you have no idea how I’ve been looking everywhere for them!
Cristy, July 26 2006

Just like to say I love your site ..lots of great info
Joey, July 18 2006

thanks youre fabulous!!! yes those are the shoes!! thank you for all of your help! your site is great.
first and foremost, let me just say, thanks you for the quick response!! and second, your site is amazing! i added it to my favorites.

Ruby, July 16 2006

We love this site.We make shoes, and we would like to be in.
Alessia, July 11 2006

Thank you sssoooo much. The hunt is on…
Liz, July 07 2006

I’ll keep an eye on Shoebunny, too, and will pass along to my friends to check out the website….
Your site is great, very inspiring!

Michele, July 02 2006

I just viewed your posting on the Roger Vivier Sandals now… I absolutely love them and I would never have even heard of them if it were not for you and your site.
Anna, June 26 2006

I recently discovered your blog and I think it’s absolutely fabulous.
Shirley, June 23 2006

Thank you again for your wonderful website…..
Anna, June 23 2006

Thanks so much for looking. I knew you were a good website :)
Nancy, June 19 2006

……again many, many thanks for the Roger Vivier sandals, they are like wearing butter and so beautiful, I am a new fan of this designer.
Anna, June 19 2006

you are so wonderful at finding who is wearing what shoes, and where to find them
Elissa, June 16 2006

Well I just got my Roger Vivier sandals thanks to your site.
They are…fabulous… I never had such a comfortable superior quality pair of sandals and I am indeed very happy to have found them.

Anna, June 15 2006

What a cool website
Nancy, June 13 2006

You are truly amazing! How do you find this information?
Again, many, many thanks, you made my week.

Anna, June 10 2006

Hi again, since you are so wise in the subject of shoes :) I thought I would ask if you could tell me about sizing.
Jo, June 10 2006

WOW you are quick – and so clever! thanks for identifying those without much of a lead..
Jo, June 09 2006

WOW what can i say…. you are a true genius!!! how on earth did you manage to find out all that… you must be the “Super Detective” of the Shoe World !!!
Thank you so much for finding all that out for me….

Kirsty, June 04 2006

Wow­ that is incredibly helpful. Thanks so much!
Michelle, May 30 2006

Thank you so much for your answer and this detailed investigation! Lovely.
Ralf, May 29 2006

Loving your site and all those shoes.
Annika, May 20 2006

I love your website!
Ralf, May 20 2006

Thanks for that. Your site is fantastic!!!
Simone, May 02 2006

Thank you so much; you’ve made my day!!!
Jessica, April 28 2006

The post looks fantastic!
Eileen, April 23 2006

i just wanted to say how much i love Your site:)
Its one of the first things i check everyday!!
i love to see what everyone is wearing, and the shoes are to die for.

Petsie, April 18 2006

I loved your page, easy to use, fun and neat.
Shyanne, April 20 2006

I was impressed with all the information you give on your site about shoes.
Ainhoa P., April 17 2006

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